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timer box

Best timer for home growers is GROP-ON timerbox - programmable power strip

Our main product is GROP-ON timerbox, IoT power strip with heavy duty quality. Designed and made in Finland.
Timerbox includes: programmable sockets, temperature & humidity sensors, WLAN, RJ45..
Sockets can be used as timer and thermostat socket (you can program socket to turn on/off with sensor value).

Web browser based user interface (PC, Mobile)

Timebox can be used in local network and/or over Internet with remote access.
It's very easy!
10 minutes setup.
Easy to check current temperature and humidity values.

wlan sensor

wifi socket

If you need good timer in your grow tent or greenhouse..

GROP-ON timerbox is designed for HPS lights, LED lights, Water and Air pumps - with 1 second precision and 16A/3650W average power output!
Timerbox has built-in WLAN, RJ45 socket and good web application.
It's designed to use Solid State Relays for controlling sockets power output (on/off), Solid State Relays is more commonly used in 3D-printers, CNC-machines, Laser cutters and so on.. Just because those relays can handle heavy loads, these relays is stable and long lasting when handling heavy loads (like HPS lights).

Good timer for home grower

What is a good timer for home grower? To specify good timer, you need to define:
1) Price 2) Quality 3) Precision 4) Programs needed (mechanic or digital, 1 minute or 15 minutes precision)
Usually user needs cheap timer what can handle spesific device (example light or water pump)
A good timer for HPS/LED light is:
Handles at least ~4A peak (usually all timers can handle 16A resistive load, but only few timers can handle over 2A peaks!).
At least with 15 minutes precision to turn on/off.
Using HPS and LED lights causes that, those kind of devices uses mostly inductive and capacitive loads. Thats why basic market timer can't handle these and blows up after few days. Thats why you need timer what can handle heavy loads, it costs more than normal timer, but it comes cheaper when you need only one timer for several years (versus that you need to buy new normal market timer after every few days!).
A good timer for WATER/AIR pump is: Can be programmed with at least 1 minute precision. Pumps uses only few watts (or max 100w), basicly all timers can handle it, but only few mechanis and most of digital timers can be programmed with 1 minute precision.

Simply, you need timer what you can trust. That's why you need our timerbox. 


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